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Burger King – This Taste is Fire

Jun 6, 2022

It’s well known that the temperatures can get quite extreme during the summer months across the Arabian Gulf countries. With a hot collection of sandwiches ready to be launched, Burger King wanted people to know that things could heat up even more.

In the ad, by Wunderman Thompson Dubai, the sandwiches of the Hot Chili Lovers collection are so hot that can raise the temperature just enough to trigger fire alarm systems. The ad also taps on the huge food culture in the Arab world, and how they will not let anything keep them from enjoying delicious meals.

The film is made entirely without the help CGI, so the water pumping from the pipes and flooding the floor was actually released inside a Burger King Restaurant in Dubai. The campaign is focused on the GCC market, mainly the UAE and KSA, trying to bring an unquestionable flavor to countries that are known for a diverse mix of cuisines and eating habits.

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