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Custom Logo vs Template Logo

Dec 1, 2022

Custom logo wins by a landslide!

To start with, that’s not even considered a battle. A comparison must at least have the minimum fairness in the power balance of both sides.

Think of it that way: how would you feel having a generic logo assigned to your startup/business, and that same logo already designed and given to like hundreds of other people and brands? Well, that’s not cool at all, because everyone wants to be unique, right?

The mistake most people do is that they want to start their business on a whim and seek to scale up quickly. They overlook the essence of a custom logo – a logo created from scratch – and the mid-term to long-term negative repercussions of a template logo. They tend to think that they just need any logo to get them started. That hastiness, though very few could get away with it, is by large fatal to any business.

To put it even clearer, a custom logo is created by a professional designer based on your needs and preferences; would you want it in any other way? More so, would you want a logo that does not emulate your vision and perceptions, but only a template logo copied so swiftly just because you don’t want to spend that extra cash margin? Just think long-term when it comes to your brand and branding, because honestly, and eventually, it is far more costly on the long-run to have a template logo than a custom one!

A custom logo is always made for your approval, and above all, the most substantial difference between the two is the extent of customization. You cannot customize a pre-made logo, but you can definitely craft and mold a custom logo. With a custom logo, you can surely opt for the colors, font, shape, graphics, and how it will look on your business cards, website, social media platforms, etc.

A template logo always lacks a soul and is dead before it is even born. That’s mostly the fate of anything we don’t put our creativity or hard work into. Moreover, from a technical aspect, in contrast to template logos, with a custom logo you get your own color palette, raw files, and its various high-resolution iterations to be later put on labels, products, or any other place you want.

The bottom line is that there’s always a “you” inside a custom logo; make sure to invest in a stellar branding strategy. Ask yourself the question: why venture in a template logo that does not reflect me, or translate my vision, or embody my perspective and preferences? Advancing with a ready-made logo will backfire and come back to haunt you at a later stage.

Invest in your identity, not in someone else’s. Brand right!

By: Our Copywriting Team

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