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Digiwits’ Participation in the PMUCon in Houston, Texas.

Jan 18, 2022

Digiwits, the creator of the PMUCon Website and Branding arm of the Conference, announces its virtual participation in the PMUCon activities during March 25-27, 2022 in Magnolia Hotel in Houston, Texas. Given that we are an international Creative Digital Agency having an immense experience in the branding of PMU & Beauty businesses in the USA, we will have the honor of providing brand audits to many of the attendees over there in addition to a branding giveaway for one lucky participant. Partaking in such a grand conference is an integral opportunity for us to express our love and commitment to our family – clients.
Many PMU clients are in dire need of a proper orientation and guide of how to go about their brand identity and digital presence. That’s why we are here, to shed light on the roadmap that will set all of those students on the right track.
PMUCon was established to build the capacity of artists to produce better healed results on women of color. At PMUCon, leaders in the industry will be presenting their techniques that will help you improve skill and get better results that last. Their goal is to educate artists on the complexities of working with clients with melanin-rich skin, while creating a safe space for artist development.
This is the only conference that hyper-focuses on women of color as there are distinct differences in the properties of skin composition of this group. The knowledge gained is guaranteed to grow your business, improve your portfolio, and increase your income.
A million thanks and endless appreciation to the Director and Organizer of the Conference, Miss Zuriel Dale, Lead Epidemiologist at THE Texas Southern University and 11x Certified PMU Artist, for granting us the opportunity to leave our imprint in such a huge conference.
We are also glad to announce that 70% of the tickets to the conference were sold with more than 2 months to go on its official release.
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By: Our Copywriting Team

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