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Disruption by design | Taking control of your own destiny in the era of digital disruption

Jun 4, 2020

Digital disruption is sweeping across industries worldwide, shattering business models and leaving shell-shocked organizations in its wake. No business is immune. And it’s increasingly clear that to survive and prosper in the age of disruption, organizations need to take control of their own digital destiny. They need to disrupt themselves—before someone else does it to them. At Deloitte, we call it disruption by design.

Disruption by design is about responding to digital disruption by taking purposeful action, using a structured approach to innovation that harnesses the full power of digital breakthroughs and advanced data analytics. In some situations, this will drive a company to deliberately disrupt its own business; in other instances, it will require less dramatic but no less critical action. No matter which route an organization chooses, success depends on having the foresight and courage to take action now instead of holding out for the perfect strategy—or worse, hunkering down and waiting for this whole “digital thing” to blow over.

Because it’s not going to blow over.

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