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Halloween campaigns and creative ADs

Sep 28, 2023

October has arrived, bringing with it the enchanting aura of Halloween. It’s that bewitching time of the year when pumpkins glow, costumes come to life, and spooky tales take center stage. In this article, we delve into creative advertisements and campaigns for Halloween by international brands. Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Halloween ads, where creativity takes center stage and spook-tacular campaigns come to life.


As the leaves turn and pumpkins line the streets, McDonald’s embraces the Halloween spirit with a series of captivating and creative advertisements. Known for their ability to blend fun with flavor, the fast-food giant doesn’t disappoint in this bewitching season. Join us as we take a closer look at how McDonald’s dishes up a dose of spooky charm through their Halloween-themed ads, enticing customers with a dash of fright and a whole lot of delight. From whimsical characters to tantalizing treats, these ads are a testament to McDonald’s knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary during the most haunting time of the year. Let’s dive into the world of McDonald’s Halloween ads, where the golden arches take on an eerie, enchanting glow.



Crest, the trusted name in dental hygiene, adds a touch of spooky flair to its advertising repertoire. Known for their commitment to healthy smiles, Crest’s Halloween ads are a playful yet vital reminder that even ghouls and goblins should take care of their teeth. From toothpaste tubes donning jack-o’-lantern smiles to eerie but essential dental tips, Crest’s ads ensure that even in the midst of all the candy and cauldrons, a bright, healthy smile remains a priority. Let’s delve into the world of Crest’s Halloween ads, where dental care meets the spooktacular!



Burger King is serving up more than just their signature flame-grilled burgers – they’re dishing out a side of spine-tingling fun with their captivating Halloween ads. Known for its bold flavors and innovative marketing, Burger King takes the spooky season to a whole new level.

For its 2017 Halloween campaign, Burger King poked further fun at its McDonald’s rival, with a tagline that reads, “Come as a clown, eat like a King.”

Using the hashtag #ScaryClownNight, Burger King urged its customers to come to select establishments across the US, Leicester Square in the UK and other places around the world, dressed in a clown costume on Halloween.

To sweeten the deal, Burger King offered the first 500 people to show up after 7 pm free Whoppers.

The ad for the campaign is as brilliant as the idea itself, with Burger King using a mashup of Stranger Things and IT to introduce the Halloween promotion.

The campaign was created by global creative agency LOLAMullenLowe



Twix adds a thrilling twist to its iconic duo of flavors with its captivating and whimsical Halloween ads. Known for its delectable combination of chocolate, caramel, and cookie, Twix takes the spirit of Halloween to a whole new level. Join us as we delve into how Twix creatively embraces the Halloween season with its “left twix” vs. “right twix” concept, turning this candy rivalry into a playful and spooky affair.



Nutella, the cherished hazelnut spread, undergoes a whimsical transformation with its delightful and enchanting Halloween ads. Renowned for its creamy texture and nutty flavor, Nutella takes the spooky spirit to a whole new level. Known for its rich, creamy goodness, Nutella’s limited-edition Halloween adds an extra layer of delight to the holiday festivities.



Kit Kat – The candy bowl that never runs out

A bowl that never runs out of candy? Where can we sign up?

Kit Kat is celebrating Halloween with a marketing campaign that kids everywhere are going to love. According to AdWeek, the company has not disclosed exactly how the never-ending candy bowl works, but when the candy runs out, more candy magically appears. Kit Kat has invited people to submit a request on Instagram for the bowl to visit their hometown, and there’s one lucky winner to be picked at random. If Halloween marketing sometimes feels a bit gimmicky, then this is an example of how to do it right. Exciting, engaging, and with a sense of urgency – it’s definitely a winning Halloween campaign.


7- HEINZ – The “creepiest condiment”

As every self-respecting child knows, the best pretend blood for a Halloween costume is ketchup. Heinz is taking it to the next level with limited edition “Tomato Blood”. It’s the same ketchup we all know and love, rebranded with a new spooky-looking label that definitely ramps up the creepy atmosphere. The campaign is designed to create a “full Halloween experience”, and also includes a pop-up store in LA where visitors can make costumes using the fake blood, as well as a Halloween Heinz Blood costume kit available for purchase online. All in all, a great way to leverage a beloved product for a special holiday. And no campaign is complete in 2021 without the social media angle – consumers are encouraged to share photos of their ketchup-(blood)-soaked Halloween costumes.


8- NIKE – Halloween sneakers

Did we mention that Halloween marketing is getting weirder? Candy and costumes are pretty obvious, but a Halloween-themed special edition Nike sneaker is something else. Even so, it’s become a tradition, and this year, Nike is once again tapping into the whimsical, child-like side that seems to infect people of all ages around Halloween with new release shoes especially for the season. For example, the Nike Dunk Low style is black, cream and orange (very Halloween-y colors) with a glow in the dark overlay, illuminated outsole, and creepy spider pattern on the insole. For Nike lovers, the product is the campaign, generating so much anticipation, buzz, and endless unboxing reviews online. It’s a good example of a product so completely entwined with the brand that almost any new release will be sure to generate interest. Halloween? It’s just an excuse.


9- REESE’S – A Better Place

As one of the most popular trick-or-treats, Reese’s is a big player in Halloween marketing. The brand’s Halloween commercial gets ironic and spooky this year, wondering what happened to all the Reese’s chocolates that ‘disappear’ around Halloween (“they’ve gone to a better place…). But it’s not just the creative ads. Reese’s has secured its place in the Halloween consumer culture in other ways, by partnering with neighborhood social network Nextdoor, for example, to offer the Treat Map app for local trick or treating. And now the brand is pushing its wildly popular Reese’s Pumpkins chocolate as the “Official Pumpkins of Halloween”, even competing with sellers of actual pumpkins for the title! It’s all done in good humor and with goodwill of course, which is the best way to strengthen a brand.

By: Our Copywriting Team

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