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How KFC Canada Made Itself the Solution to Thanksgiving Turkey Tragedies

Nov 23, 2023

Courage’s Cindy Marie Navarro and Domenique Raso discuss turning around a holiday campaign on a tight timeline, and what it took to ruin turkeys in a way that allowed for effective and relatable photography, writes LBB’s Josh Neufeldt.

With the recent passing of Thanksgiving Monday in Canada, undoubtedly, thousands of families across the country partook in the annual tradition of cooking up a turkey. And while we can hope that each and every instance turned out well – complete with moist, succulent meat and big flavour (or as big as turkey can get, anyway) – tragically, it’s more than likely this wasn’t to be for everyone. After all, cooking a turkey is not the easiest thing in the world!

Nevertheless, while mishaps and mayhem are understandable, the feeling of turning one’s Thanksgiving centrepiece into a mangled ruin is not a good one. And, it’s for this reason that KFC Canada and creative agency Courage decided to offer up a quick solution for those in need of a save. Creating a truly fiery out-of-home campaign, the two worked with photographer Nikki Ormerod to showcase photos of horribly burned-out turkeys, reminding Canadians that in a pinch, KFC would be there to save the day, albeit with a slightly different form of poultry.

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