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Instagram Guides 2021

Aug 8, 2021

Instagram guides for business are the newest feature introduced by the platform to help content creators and business owners boost their account’s engagement. Not only guides, but the platform has also launched other features like Reels, Instagram Shop, etc., to help the brand owners in growing.

Recently, Instagram has become the biggest platform to buy and sell products. Nowadays, people can be seen using Instagram as a search engine for shopping products instead of Google and other shopping applications. Finding a particular post on Instagram can be pretty time-consuming. You end up scrolling your feed for an hour or so, only to find the post.

Imagine, how much time would be saved if there is a section on everyone’s profile dedicated to finding posts all under one roof. This is where Instagram guides come to use. With this feature, one can create guides on their profile that will help the users to navigate easily through posts of different niches, and it can also be of great help to different B2B and B2C business owners.  

Instagram guides were initially introduced back in November 2020 as a crossover between Instagram posts and blog posts. Guides act as a single way of resource for users to find any specific product or a topic. Originally, guides could only be used to create resources concerning health awareness, but now the limitations have been reduced, and one can easily create an Instagram guide for any topic they want.

Instagram guides for business are an easy and alternate method to discover whatever you want to on the platform easily. You can easily find content from multiple different creators concluded into a single place. One can also think of an Instagram guide just like a Spotify playlist. With Instagram guides, you can finally stop scrolling your feed all day long just to find a single post.

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