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The importance of an Instagram aesthetic

May 27, 2022

An Instagram aesthetic is important in ensuring your brand is recognized on the social media platform. It refers to the look and feel of your feed, sometimes known as an Instagram theme, and is important in increasing brand recognition. Your feed is the first thing potential customers see upon looking at your profile, to turn followers into customers they must like what they see. Your Instagram feed must accurately represent your brand, convey your brand personality, be instantly recognizable and promote your products or services, but above all to increase your following and potential customer base your Instagram feed must look good.

Having an Instagram aesthetic makes your page instantly recognizable. Your audience should be able to see your post on their feed and without looking at the account know you uploaded it. It increases brand recognition while also showing off your skillset or products in a creative and interesting way.

What Makes an Instagram Aesthetic?

An Instagram aesthetic is created by ensuring you have a cohesive look and feel to the items published to your account. You can do this by creating a consistency across the following elements:

– Photo filter – Using the same filter or preset across all photos.

– Photo editing – When editing your photos, you should stick to a routine, adding similar aspects to each photo such as backdrops and props.

– Color theme – Whether you are creating graphics or taking photos using your brand colors in images enhances brand recognition.

– TOV – It is not just about the photos you share but the tone you use when captioning them.

– Typography – If you create graphics using type face this should also link back to your brand and the fonts you are recognized for using elsewhere.

Deviating from Your Theme

Creating an Instagram aesthetic or theme is beneficial to the brand by increasing brand recognition, but there are certain times and reasons you may deviate from your theme and post something which does not fit the look and feel. You should always be careful of how often you deviate, one post every 6-9 posts can give a little break in your feed, while posting 3 posts in a row which deviate create a messy and unorganized look. Deviating from your theme is particularly impactful when done to make a statement perhaps for CSR reasons or making a political or social statement. Another reason may be to create a subtle step into a new theme or aesthetic route you wish to take.

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