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The Importance of Creator Studios on Facebook and Instagram

Dec 10, 2020

The potential of Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools is widely known but do you feel confident that you’re making to most of these platforms for your business?

To take your Facebook and Instagram presence to the next level, you should be using Creator Studio.

What is Creator Studio?

Facebook’s Creator Studio provides all the tools you need to post, manage, schedule, measure and monetise the content of your Facebook and Instagram accounts more effectively through a single, easy-to-use interface. There’s no need to switch between platforms and, if making your life easier isn’t enough, it’s free too!

For any business which has made online platforms central to its marketing strategy, utilising tools like Creator Studio should be a priority for enhancing online strategy and increasing earnings from content.

What are the benefits of using Creator Studio for Facebook?

To curate more effective revenue-generating content on Facebook, Creator Studio provides a simple interface offering a range of tools:

  • Manage your content:Compose, schedule and upload content in one place.
  • Review updates:See the engagement going on across your pages.
  • Receive insights:Analytics tools provide details on the impact of content posts so you can understand not just how much interest they’ve generated but who has been engaging and to what extent.
  • Understand your monetisation opportunities:Know when your content may be ready to monetise.
  • Protect your content:Manage your intellectual property rights.
  • Download free music and sounds:From legal music tracks and sound effects to enhance your all-important video content.
  • Manage comments:Respond to messages and comments directly.

What are the benefits of using Creator Studio for Instagram?

Creator Studio for Instagram also offers a good set of tools to understand the impact of your content on audiences. Functions include:

  • Managing your content:Scheduling and posting videos.
  • Analytics:Providing insights into who your content is reaching and the engagement it received.
  • Audience insights:Including gender and age, when your audience is online and where they are.

How can Creator Studio help you to manage your social media more effectively?

When used to their full potential, these tools can help you understand your social media activity across all your Facebook and Instagram pages in greater depth.

You can then make use of this information to inform future marketing decisions with the range of tools complementing each other and giving you a “one stop shop” to manage your online content. These tools can make a difference by:

  • Getting work done more quickly:Overviewing and managing all accounts from one homepage means you can get more done in less time by streamlining your process without having to flip between platforms.
  • Managing brand consistency:Seeing all posts in one platform helps you to manage consistency and create a clear brand through better posts.
  • Posting schedules:Get organised and plan the posting of your content so that you can schedule content release months in advance.
  • Analytics:These tools are incredibly powerful for understanding how well your posts are performing and the audience they’re reaching. Creator Studio enables you to discover what your followers are looking at and the impact of those posts on your business. This informs future social media postings and campaigns.
  • Building monetisation:Creator Studio will indicate your eligibility status for having ad content before or after your video content and then provide insights to help you maintain good monetary results.
  • Rights Management:This will protect the audio and video content you create from plagiarism, although you need to apply and be approved for this functionality.

Beat Covid! Now’s the time to take your online marketing to the next level

If you are one of the many businesses on Facebook Shops trying to beat the impact of lockdown by generating more online sales and by using Instagram to help market your products, then Creator Studio is an ideal tool for you to track all your online marketing activity across all your sites in one place.

Creator Studio is all about engagement. It provides you with the means to post content, understand its impact, utilise this information to continue improving on your posts and drive greater audience engagement and monetisation. This level of insight into your audience’s behaviour and the ability to respond and connect with them puts the power in your hands to develop your marketing strategy.

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