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The World’s Best Food for the World’s Best Kids

Jun 7, 2022

Halo Pets, the brand behind Halo Elevate, a new line of super-premium, natural and science-backed pet food, is launching its first integrated campaign with the help of Humanaut to remind pet parents how wonderful their kids are—the four-legged ones, that is. “The World’s Best Food for The World’s Best Kids” campaign is simply stating what everyone already knows – pets are the best kids. And the world’s best kids deserve the world’s best food – Halo.

Humanaut is kicking off the digital campaign for Halo’s Elevate products first and will extend the theme to spots for its Holistic line (“Responsibly sourced ingredients plus probiotics for digestive health”) later this summer. The objective is simple: drive awareness of the Halo brand and the best-in-class nutrition that the brand provides. All while validating and empowering this new generation of millennial male and female “Pet Moms.”

In the hilarious 360 campaign, :30, :15, and :06 spots, animated display and social ads contrast cheerful, obedient pets against yelling, fit-throwing, mess-making kids in a World’s Best Kid contest. The pets prove themselves to be loyal shopping buddies, dinner companions and weekend sleep enablers as the kids wreak havoc on all they touch. Clearly, the winners are those with fur. In all, the Halo work will include 18 media components plus still photography. Media includes video, static and animated display, Gifs, still photography, and paid Social on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, iHeartRadio and Twitter.

“We felt it was time that a brand recognized the deep love pet parents have for their pets and that Halo is just as obsessed with the health and happiness of these beautiful, amazing animals as they are,” said David Littlejohn, Humanaut founder and chief creative director.

“Pet parents view their pets as their children and want to provide them with the best nutrition available. The new Halo campaign reinforces this “Pet Mom” love by providing the highest quality nutrition to their furry kids,” said Scott Lerner, CEO of Better Choice Company, (NYSE: BTTR), the makers of Halo.

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