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Why Drinks Brand Need to Rethink Everything

Jun 13, 2023

Sustainability requires drinks brands to redesign everything from the vessel to what’s inside, says Denomination co-founder Rowena Curlewis. But do it right and the customer will come with you

The necessity for drinks brands and businesses to be more sustainable is at an all-time high. Scientists’ warning on climate change could not be starker: act now or it’s too late. For the drinks industry, disrupted weather patterns are already affecting production and supply – and the problem will just get worse unless something changes.

It’s time for drinks companies to be braver in making sustainable changes to their brands because the industry will need to look radically different if there is any hope to save the planet. This means taking risks and changing everything from the vessel to what’s inside.

It’s not enough to simply use more recycled material in the packaging: the industry needs to stop using processes that have a negative impact on the climate. To be truly sustainable, the ultimate aim is to have a circular economy. However, because of the differing natures of recyclability in different regions, it’s extremely difficult to keep everything within that circle of use, meaning that if brands only focus on using more recyclable products, their impact will be limited.

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