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Why LinkedIn is actually important for small businesses

Nov 30, 2020

We get it: LinkedIn is probably the least “sexy” mainstream social network out there. But that doesn’t make it any less valuable – in fact, when you’re running a business, a lack of “sexiness” can make a social network MORE valuable.

Here’s what we mean:

LinkedIn is designed specifically for professional networking and job hunting, which is why its potential to promote a business is often overlooked. But that’s actually a good thing, because there are SO MANY potential strategies to reach a relatively untapped large and engaged user base – starting with creating a Company Page.

Why a Company Page is amazing for your business

Whether you’re a business with hundreds of employees or an independent proprietor, the benefits of having a Company Page are many:

  • Prove you’re legit:A LinkedIn Company Page adds an additional layer of legitimacy for your business – as much as having dedicated office space and a professionally designed website. Tell your story, showcase your success, build your brand, help potential employees and customers find you, nurture a stellar reputation, and flaunt your company culture in front of a massive community.
  • Feed SEO:Unlike personal LinkedIn profiles, your Company Page is publicly visible, giving you a tremendous opportunity to nourish your SEO with fresh, valuable, keyword-rich content. And yes, this means distributing all that quality content you create on LinkedIn.
  • Build a hub for your company ambassadors:Whether it’s your employees building up your good name, or other fans praising and tagging you in their status updates, all those good vibes tie back to your company. Give future fans, advocates, and leads a place to find you on the network. Add your website to your Company Page, so the most qualified peeps can find out more.
  • Get LinkedIn to promote your content, too:LinkedIn’s built-in publishing platform allows you to share content directly on LinkedIn – with advanced tagging and distribution features that help get your articles seen by your fans. LinkedIn prioritizes content first published on their platform, too. Once you get started on the LinkedIn content train, your updates may find their way into the regular newsletters LinkedIn sends to its members!

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