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Also Crucial for Your IG Account Success

Sep 13, 2022

In an earlier article we talked briefly how important it is to be patient when opening and growing an IG business/brand account, and that success does not happen overnight.
In this article, we would like to talk about a few things like posting frequency, timing, quality of followers, quality of content, grid coherence, and aesthetics.
In the early stages of your account, it is highly advisable to post once every day, 6-7 times a week; it can be a mix of stories and posts. Now it is not wrong to post less than that, like 4 times a week, but the more you roll up content the more people will get to know your brand. Remember that dedication and consistency at this time is crucial because your brand has no authority or emotional connection yet among people.
The timing of your posts plays a major part in your content visibility and engagement; how’s that? You can post the best content ever in the wrong timing and you won’t be seen. So, checking your insights section within your IG page, will let you know when are your followers most likely to engage, with regards to time and day.
Remember having a very small number of engaging followers is far better than having lots of idle followers who do not engage whatsoever with your content. That’s to say, grow your followers organically and try to give value to that specific number instead of resorting to buying fake followers that give you nothing in return. A lot of businesses have a fair number of followers but with great conversion rates.
Last but not least, quality matters big time! It comes hand in hand with coherence and aesthetics. Set up your bio smartly with a simple, relevant description and keywords so people can understand what you do and furthermore find you in their search. Let people and potential clients develop affinity to your brand and business through the nice design work you put into your posts and content. Work out your grid week in week out coherently in a neat way. Your Instagram profile look and feel must reflect your business identity and logo. Although aesthetics is essential, but only when integrated into an added-value content. Always give your clients something they need and enjoy reading or looking at.

By: Our Copywriting Team

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